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Customised and Crafted around your People, Processes and IT Systems

Our intelligent productivity technology, SmartFlow, empowers the people in your organisation to deliver customer outcomes faster.

DSAR Flow combines a suite of highly customisable and configurable SmartFlow components delivering an end to end tailored solution retaining employee involvement for critical decisioning and oversight.

DSAR Flow Intelligently gathers data from multi-generational IT systems. It processes and collates structured and unstructured data such as emails, documents, and call recordings. OCR digitalises paper records when required.

DSAR Flow has built-in data privacy, security and compliance features along with alerts and notifications prompting Data and Compliance Managers to complete tasks reducing the risk of ICO breaches.

DSAR Captured

DSAR’s are centrally captured and a case created in DSAR Flow. The Compliance Manager is notified and a 30-day timer is started.

DSAR Identified

The identity of the DSAR requester is validated through manual or automated ID service checks.

DSAR Data Discovery
Data Discovery

DSAR Flow automatically polls all business systems creating a data map and record of the authorised, business aligned, Data Manager.

DSAR structured and unstructured Data
Data Management

Structured and unstructured data is made available to each identified Data Manager to oversee automated or manual processing, PII redaction and approval.

DSAR review and approve

Compliance Managers collate all data requested from multiple business areas, review and approve. DSAR Flow packages and provides secure access to each completed DSAR.

DSAR Workflow Reporting and Auditing

DSAR Flow creates an audit of each DSAR, manages alerts and time based notifications, and provides business reporting capability.

DSAR Flow Benefits:

Time to Value
  • Typical implementation in 8 weeks

  • Minimal infrastructure​ required

  • Runs under existing user security models and permissions

  • Leverages existing automation technologies to create complete process automation

Data Management
  • Extracts structured information from unstructured data sources​

  • Connector modules enable integration with multigenerational systems (Mainframe to Cloud)

  • Automation throttle to reduce lag on legacy applications

  • Customer data is not persisted or moved anywhere else

  • Automations are typically 90% faster than a person​

  • Supports parallel workflow and automations for 10X throughput​

  • Decisions and tasks can be fully automated

  • Task alerts and notifications to reduce the risk of ICO breaches.

Solution Management
  • Attended solution empowers your Data Customer, and Compliance teams

  • Desktop App provides accessible tools and reports

  • A defined workflow to ensure continuous policy compliance and best practice

  • Full auditable logs, alerts and notifications

An Outcome Focused Technology Partner

Maximise IT have been building solutions for the UKs largest financial service organisations for 20 years. We combine deep industry knowledge and experience with new technologies such as Intelligent automation, machine learning and Cloud performance, delivering smart, automated, high value user led services and outcomes.

We've delivered productivity savings and enhancements for customers that have:

  • Reduced case processing time from 4 hours to 6 minutes

  • Saved weekly agency staff costs of £1m per week

  • Increased quality with auditors reporting errors reduced from 14% to 0%

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Intelligent DSAR Productivity Technology & Services

Data Gathering, DSAR Processing, Data Examination

Processing Data Subject Access Requests (DSARs) is costing organisations millions of pounds annually. Requests need to be processed quickly and accurately to ensure GDPR compliance and meet ICO deadlines, but it is often challenging to gather and check all relevant data.

DSAR Flow software reduces the cost of accurate DSAR processing, taking cases down from 30 days to minutes. Ensuring continuous compliance, while freeing up resources.

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